Hi! My name is Jaime Heiner, and I am a survivor of abuse. When I was 15, my childhood and innocence were stolen from me by my science teacher. However, I decided early on that what that man did to me was not going to ruin my life. I decided to use what happened to make a difference in the world. I believe that we succeed because of trials, not in spite of them. It is now my mission to help other victims of abuse overcome what has happened to them and become who they are meant to be.


     I am not ashamed of my past. I am inspired to put a face and voice on abuse. My mission is to rebrand the stigma of abuse and empower survivors, giving them a reason to speak. My goal is to educate the public that children are being abused right now in our own communities, our own backyards. I am at war against this silent evil, and I plan to put all my focus and energy into speaking engagements across the nation until I see the change we need.


     I believe everyone is born with a purpose, and I found my purpose through the pain that I have endured. Rather than let it destroy me, I decided to speak for the voiceless, fight for those who have lost the fight in them, and take a stand against this epidemic. 


 Join me in the fight of shedding light on this darkness that has pervaded our society, in empowering survivors, and stopping predators from silencing our children



The moment you're ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens...


Don't Give Up.

"What matters is how you choose to live from this moment forward. Your past doesn't define you, your decisions do."


-Jaime     Heiner

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